About Us

Founded in 2020, Syd Lex Collection has been privately owned and operated by CEO Sydney Hines. As a former Division I Basketball player, Hines was able to identify the lack of acceptance of feminine women in sports. In the past, women in sports were thought to be “tomboys” or “more masculine” just because they were athletic, which is not always the case. Today, women have been more versatile than ever before by being exactly who they are by staying true to themselves and not conforming to the traditional thoughts of what a woman in sports looks like. Hines is very familiar with this. During her time as an athlete, she was often playing basketball with her nails, lashes, and natural makeup, which raised some eyebrows of the others in the gym. In addition to the Syd Lex Collection, she is currently the Director of Men’s Basketball Operations for Loyola University Maryland. Hines has shown to break barriers by being exactly who she is. At Syd Lex Collection, our mission is to encourage and promote women and men to do what they love while staying true to themselves while looking good in the process!